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"UCLA Lab School is an innovative school for children and a laboratory for teachers and researchers. The practices developed and refined here have an impact on K-12 education around the world."


From 2012-17, as Music Demonstration Teacher, Nick taught and developed a standards-based music curriculum that addresses the whole child, fosters critical thinking and creates an awareness of social justice themes, in grades Pre-K through six. The curriculum that Nick created purposefully integrates all general academic content areas (math, reading, writing, social studies, science, etc.) and is differentiated across grade levels. Nick was also involved in research and outreach to both develop and share best teaching practices. Click here to visit UCLA Lab School.

In February of 2016, Nick directed a choir of student ambassadors from UCLA Lab School to inaugurate UNESCO's 70th Anniversary Celebration at Skriball Cultural Center. The event was hosted by UCLA's GSEIS. The students sang The Earth Song, which was composed by Nick in 2011 to inspire children to become aware of environemntal issues and to be responsible stewrds of our planet. You can read about the event here

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