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Resonance Frequency Breathing is a way of breathing slowly through the diaphragm.


Scientific studies have shown that a rate of 11 seconds per breath (5.5 second inhale and 5.5 second exhale) is optimal for balancing the autonomic nervous system and other important functions of the body.


In the tracks on this album, each inhalation and each exhalation lasts exactly 5.5 seconds.


The "EXPLANATION" track provides a brief voice over guide. It's simple and intuitive. When that is understood, one can use the other tracks to practice this powerful breathing technique for different durations of time.

- There is a 4 beat count off, during which one can release all air and relax the body and mind. 
- Inhale for 4 beats.
- Exhale for 4 beats.
- There is no need to count, simply allow your breathing to follow the natural rhythm).

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