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Collaborations have included composing, performing and recording music for various projects relating to animation, dance, conceptual art and theater.

The original song "The Hidden Muse" was composed as a feature for the CAP/Plaza de la Raza Youth Theater Production "Jacked! The Mystery of the Missing Muse".  The song was performed at REDCAT and Margo Alpert Theater and and can be heard here.

An original music score was composed and recorded for this short animation film done in collaboration with the CalArts Animation program and elementary school students at Inner City Arts: a non-profit organization aimed at providing education and involvement in the arts to inner-city children.

Performed as part of this provocative and stimulating forum organized by L.A.- based artist Evelyn Serrano. The performance took place in a refugee tent, originally designed to provide temporary shelter at emergency sites in Afghanistan and other parts of the world. The tent was set up on one of the hills in Fire Valley, an un-developed lot adjacent to the California Institute of the Arts (CalArts) school buildings. You may visit The Other Project's blog here.

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